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Artificial structures on Mars

(Article written by Leandro for the website Hidden History - The former dwellers of the Earth)

Here you can see an intriguing landscape of the Cydonia Mensae region, on Mars. It is a perfect geometric structure, in high relief and of enormous proportions. This pentagon exhibits round craters, that the astronomers mistakenly consider to be 'meteor impact craters', on exactly three of its corners, forming a triangle. On the inside there's a visible pyramidal structure.
Right beneath we find a perfect spherical crater, maybe caused by a perfect round asteroid, that maybe hit the ground on a perfect vertical line, and disappeared without a trace afterwards.

Pentagon with a pyramid inside, on Mars.

Notice the symmetry of this crater, the opposing sides of its border show contours of impressive resemblance, like an apple. See the internal leveling of the crater.

Leveled and symmetrical crater, on Mars.

This crater shows signs of movement of material, look at the external line leading to the pit.

Crater with a trail, on Mars.

Unexplainable symmetric perfection. Notice the details of the east-west and north-south relation.

(click for larger view)
Crater with two gaps on its rim, on Mars.

The situation starts to become funny when we compare some of the craters with unidentified objects photographed and filmed by NASA itself. Below, two craters found on the surface of Mars, and on the right, an object photographed in 1996 in the event that became known as the 'NASA tether incident'.

Comparison between the craters and UFO filmed during the STS-75 mission.

Columbia shuttle had launched a small satellite with a 19 km (12 mi) long tether that broke instants after reaching the space. Suddenly, countless luminous objects started to encircle the tether. Watch the filming of the event here:

and here:

An unexpected overload caused the tether to break, and both satellite and tether began to be inspected by objects that seem to appear from the invisible.

November 26, 2007

Updated on September 17, 2013

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